We organize cycling tours in Priorat


Are you looking for a serious training camp, to prepare for your racing season? Or maybe a relaxed week of riding just for fun? We have discovered the perfect holiday destination for cyclists with a taste for riding calm mountain roads surrounded by wonderful scenery.



Cycling in Priorat spells climbing. And climbing you will get a lot of! In some few places you will ride short stretches of up to 21%! Most climbs are much more human though, typically 7-10 kms with an average of 4-5%. Over a week you will climb around 20 meters per km – on the other hand you will have lots of opportunity for honing your descending skills.


Priorat roads are excellent and we normally encounter surprisingly little traffic. You will really enjoy riding here, whether you prefer racing or going easy. There are many possibilities in planning your routes so that they meet with your particular condition and training needs. You can plan on your own, or we can assist you with advice and routemaps. If you wish to ride in less hilly terrain, there are good roads in the valley surrounding River Ebro and by the coast. Just ask, and we’ll arrange for your transfer and pick-up.



Priorat is a well-kept secret – and it’s almost all yours. Of course we meet other cyclists from time to time, but if you are familiar with cycling-meccas like the Alps or Mallorca your saluting arm will appreciate a relaxed week! Going to Priorat you can look forward to many wonderful hours of relaxed riding, breathing the clean air and enjoying the unspoilt scenery…